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Amana PTAC Air Filters J & K series (2-pack)
Amana PTAC Air Filters J & K series (2-pack)
Amana PTAC Air Filters J & K series (2-pack)

Amana PTAC Air Filters J & K series (2-pack)

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Replacement air filters for Aman J & K series PTAC models. New air filters save energy and extends unit life. Prevents indoor coil from being plugged with dirt and lint. These economical and sturdy molded filters are interchangeable and may be washed, vacuumed, and reused. Filters are made of strong and washable nylon mesh material.


  • Model: FK10K
  • Brand: Amana
  • Color: Quiet White (Matches Unit)
  • Size: 13-in x 12-in
  • Washable in warm water
  • 2 air filters per pack

 Used on Amana PTAC Model Numbers:

PTC0703J00AXXX    PTH0703J00AXXX
PTC0703J15AXXX    PTH0703J15AXXX
PTC0703J25AXXX    PTH0703J25AXXX
PTC0703J35AXXX    PTH0703J35AXXX
PTC0703J50AXXX    PTH0703J50AXXX

PTC0703K00AXXX    PTH0703K00AXXX
PTC0703K15AXXX    PTH0703K15AXXX
PTC0703K25AXXX    PTH0703K25AXXX
PTC0703K35AXXX    PTH0703K35AXXX
PTC0703K50AXXX    PTH0703K50AXXX

PTC0903J00AXXX    PTH0903J00AXXX
PTC0903J15AXXX    PTH0903J15AXXX
PTC0903J25AXXX    PTH0903J25AXXX
PTC0903J35AXXX    PTH0903J35AXXX
PTC0903J50AXXX    PTH0903J50AXXX

PTC0903K00AXXX    PTH0903K00AXXX
PTC0903K15AXXX    PTH0903K15AXXX
PTC0903K25AXXX    PTH0903K25AXXX
PTC0903K35AXXX    PTH0903K35AXXX
PTC0903K50AXXX    PTH0903K50AXXX

PTC1203J00AXXX    PTH1203J00AXXX
PTC1203J15AXXX    PTH1203J15AXXX
PTC1203J25AXXX    PTH1203J25AXXX
PTC1203J35AXXX    PTH1203J35AXXX
PTC1203J50AXXX    PTH1203J50AXXX

PTC1203K00AXXX    PTH1203K00AXXX
PTC1203K15AXXX    PTH1203K15AXXX
PTC1203K25AXXX    PTH1203K25AXXX
PTC1203K35AXXX    PTH1203K35AXXX
PTC1203K50AXXX    PTH1203K50AXXX

PTC1503J00AXXX    PTH1503J00AXXX
PTC1503J15AXXX    PTH1503J15AXXX
PTC1503J25AXXX    PTH1503J25AXXX
PTC1503J35AXXX    PTH1503J35AXXX
PTC1503J50AXXX    PTH1503J50AXXX

PTC1503K00AXXX    PTH1503K00AXXX
PTC1503K15AXXX     PTH1503K15AXXX
PTC1503K25AXXX    PTH1503K25AXXX
PTC1503K35AXXX    PTH1503K35AXXX
PTC1503K50AXXX    PTH1503K50AXXX

PTC0704J00AXXX    PTH0704J00AXXX
PTC0704J15AXXX    PTH0704J15AXXX
PTC0704J25AXXX    PTH0704J25AXXX
PTC0704J35AXXX    PTH0704J35AXXX
PTC0704J50AXXX    PTH0704J50AXXX

PTC0704K00AXXX    PTH0704K00AXXX
PTC0704K15AXXX    PTH0704K15AXXX
PTC0704K25AXXX    PTH0704K25AXXX
PTC0704K35AXXX    PTH0704K35AXXX
PTC0704K50AXXX    PTH0704K50AXXX

PTC0904J00AXXX    PTH0904J00AXXX
PTC0904J15AXXX    PTH0904J15AXXX
PTC0904J25AXXX    PTH0904J25AXXX
PTC0904J35AXXX    PTH0904J35AXXX

PTC0904K00AXXX    PTH0904K00AXXX
PTC0904K15AXXX    PTH0904K15AXXX
PTC0904K25AXXX    PTH0904K25AXXX
PTC0904K35AXXX    PTH0904K35AXXX
PTC0904K50AXXX    PTH0904K50AXXX

PTC1204J00AXXX     PTH1204J00AXXX
PTC1204J15AXXX    PTH1204J15AXXX
PTC1204J25AXXX    PTH1204J25AXXX
PTC1204J35AXXX    PTH1204J35AXXX
PTC1204J50AXXX    PTH1204J50AXXX

PTC1204K00AXXX    PTH1204K00AXXX
PTC1204K15AXXX    PTH1204K15AXXX
PTC1204K25AXXX    PTH1204K25AXXX
PTC1204K35AXXX    PTH1204K35AXXX
PTC1204K50AXXX    PTH1204K50AXXX

PTC1504J00AXXX    PTH1504J00AXXX
PTC1504J15AXXX    PTH1504J15AXXX
PTC1504J25AXXX    PTH1504J25AXXX
PTC1504J35AXXX    PTH1504J35AXXX
PTC1504J50AXXX    PTH1504J50AXXX

PTC1504K00AXXX    PTH1504K00AXXX
PTC1504K15AXXX    PTH1504K15AXXX
PTC1504K25AXXX    PTH1504K25AXXX
PTC1504K35AXXX    PTH1504K35AXXX
PTC1504K50AXXX    PTH1504K50AXXX

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