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About Us

The Genuine Air Filter Store is your trusted resource for factory replacement air filters.
See us for your replacement PTAC Filters, Ductless Filters and Wall Unit Filters.

Our focus is to provide the right products at reasonable prices. We carry only genuine OEM filters for most major brands, shipped direct from the factory. We do not sell knock-offs or copies. Extend the life of your air handlers by using only genuine replacement filters.

Contact us for help selecting the right filters for your system.

Our Story

As established professionals in the HVAC industry, we often received calls from homeowners, maintenance supervisors and property managers, looking for help locating replacement filters for their units. The logical response was to send them back to their local air conditioning servicer. In reality, most local service providers do not want to waste time researching small dollar items like air filters and tended to charge ridiculous amounts. We knew there was a better solution.

The Genuine Air Filter Store was founded to bypass the multiple layers of distribution, confusion and associated markups. Our goal is to provide a simple and affordable process for ordering genuine air filter replacements.

We are a dedicated company that takes pride in providing you with the highest level of customer care.

We're Here to Help

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